Ace Fender Bender

Ace Fender Bender was the eighteenth Lalaloopsy doll to be released.


Sewn From: A mechanic's clothes

Sewn On: July 30 (Henry Ford's Birthday)

Likes: Grease

Dislikes: Missing Parts

Most likely to say: "I'll get my wrench!"

Personality Of Ace

Ace Fender Bender is curious about how things work. He likes to tinker with everything from cars to bikes and boats, although he's not very good at putting them back together.

What Ace Looks Like

Hair Color:Orange

Hairband Color:None

What he wears:Ace wears a white T-Shirt.Over that he wears a blue dungarees with spotty dark blue ends,and it also has a red pocket.

His sewn-on pattern on his shirt: Faded blue jeans with oil splattered over it.

Other things on his shirt: He has a hankercheif hanging out from his pocket!

Shoes:Red trainers with white ankle socks.

Ace's Pet

Ace has a little pet Monkey! Her tail is curly and She wears a red bow.

Ace's Home

Roof: The top of a tool box

Wall Color: His house is like a toolbox!

Ace's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Ace</li>
  • Ace Mini</li>
  • Silly Funhouse Ace</li>

    Guess What!

  • Although Ace is a boy, his pet is a girl.</li>
  • He was the 2nd boy Lalaloopsy to be made. The first was Patch.</li>