Alice in Lalaloopsyland was sewn from Alice in Wonderland's dress. She's a curious daydreamer, who loves to explore. Her favorite things are tea parties, playing croquet and painting the roses red. She has a pet rabbit.

Sewn on Date: June 12th (Red Rose Day)Her mini set comes in a 2 pack with wacky hatter.


Sewn On:June 12th (Red Rose Day)

Sewn From:Alice In Wonderland's dress

Likes: Croquet

Dislikes: Getting lost

Most likely to say:

Personality Of Alice

Alice is a Curoius daydreamer,who loves exploring.Her favorite things are tea parties, playing croquet and painting the roses red. 

What Alice Looks Like

Eye Color:Black Hair Color:Yellow

Hairbow Color:Black

What she wears: Alice wear's a blue dress with Lighter Blue sleeves and a yellow apron with every card siut going across the bottom.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: 

Other things on her dress:None

Shoes:Black Mary-Janes with a Blue bow and White socks.

Alice's Pet

Alice's Pet is a White Rabbit with light pink cheeks,and also there is light Pink in the Ears.On the Middle of her body she has a Red  heart.

Alice's Home

Alice does not have a home! She lives in a place with lots of flamingos and a checkerboard road.

Alice's Other Merchandise

Alice and Wacky 2 pack set mini

Guess What!

  • Alice's tight's are almost the same as Peanut's!Apart from Peanut has a heart on them.
  • Her Pet is actually Wacky hatter's in the mini,but it got swapped in her big doll
  • She is the newest doll to use the original hairstyle pigtails,The last one before her was Pepper Pots 'N' Pans.
  • She is very similar to Peanut Big Top The same hairstyle,and almost the same tights.