Charlotte Charades

Charlotte Charades was the 32nd Lalaloopsy doll to be released. Her little sister is Sherri Charades! 


Sewn on: April 14th (International Moment of Laughter Day)

Sewn from: Mime's gloves

Likes: Listening

Dislikes: Being serious

Most likely to say: "..."

Favorite color: See-through

Personality of Charlotte

Charlotte Charades was sewn from a mime's gloves. She's a real performer who never talks and always stays silent, but always has a lot to say.She communicates to her friends through acting and miming. She loves the colors black and white, but her all round favorite color is see-through!

What Charlotte Looks Like

Hair Color: Hot Pink

Hairbow Color: Black

What Charlotte wears: Chrlotte wears a black and white striped quarter sleeve length shirt with a red tulle skirt and black glitterery leggings with little bows on the ends.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Black and white stripes.

Other things on her shirt: short ruffles on the end of the sleeves.

Shoes: Black Mary janes white bows and red ankle socks.

Charlotte's Pet 

Charlotte has an invisible dog! Although he's invisible, Charlotte puts a pink leash on it.

Charlotte's Home

Roof: Black and white with a french hat on top.

Wall Color: See-through

Charlotte's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Charlotte
  • Mini with RC car
  • Silly Funhouse Charlotte Mini
  • Sister Pack

Guess What!

  • Charlotte is the only doll that doesn't have a real pet.
  • Although Charlotte was made big,she was not made into an actual mini series.