Coral Sea Shells™ was sewn from a swimmer's bathing suit. She's super-imaginative and she loves to pretend she's a real mermaid. Her favorite hobbies are swimming with the fish and eating seaweed salad. She has a pet blowfish.

Sewn on Date: March 22nd (World Water Day)


Sewn On:March 22nd (World Water Day)

Sewn From:A Swimmers bathing suit



Most likely to say:

Personality Of Coral

Coral is super imangenative,especially when it comes to being a Mermaid!She loves swimming with her blowfish and dining out eating Seaweed salad.

What  Looks Like

Eye Color:Black

Hair Color:Pink and Purple

Hairband Color:A blue bow with a shiny pink shell

What she wears:Mermaid Costume:A blue Mermaid tail .Swimsuit:A pink frilly bathing suit with a skirt and white polka dots,with a little blue bow to tie up at the back of her neck.

Her sewn-on pattern on her/his dress/shirt: 

Other things on her dress:None


Coral's Pet

Coral has a yellow blowfish with black eyes and a pink heart on the rear,It also quirts Water!

Coral's Home

Roof: Sand and Decorations

Wall Color:Sand

Coral's Other Merchandise

Coral Mini

Guess What!