Keith: Gosh, they should really work on Season 3 and other future seasons. What if Lalaloopsy TV Series is... CANCELLED?! But they may be gearing up for a new movie, new Color Me episodes, or are focusing on Lalaloopsy Girls now.

MGA: A movie was announced earlier this month so, either we'll get 2 new Color Me episodes before the movie or, no more episodes until after the movie.

AskSuzette101: i swear to the lalaloopsy gods if we reach the season 2 series finale episode i'll be pissed

MGA: They're probably working on the Lalaloopsy Girls TV Series or trying to have more ideas.

Keith: the waiting for lalaloopsy to come back on treehouse is much like Peter Rabbit TV Series.

Keith: nearly 4 months and no new episodes hope mga aren't cancelling it!

MGA: The 2 new color me episodes will feature Squiggles and Trace E., because if you look for something and reached Trace E.'s animation page, you could see ....Trace E. in Chalk Land, which means this could be another, Trace E. episode. On the Lalaloopsy Land Wiki. It might be, We'll just have to wait.