Jewel Sparkles-0

Jewel Sparkles

Jewel Sparkles was the sixth lalaloopsy to be released. Her little sister is Trinket Sparkles!


Sewn On Date: March 13th (Jewel Day)

Sewn From: Remnants of a Real Princess' Dress

Likes: Playing dress-up

Dislikes: Being ignored

Most likely to say: "Follow my lead!"


Jewel Sparkles has a flair for the dramatic and nothing is ever too glittery for her. She's graceful and loves to dance, but she can also be a little bossy, especially when she's trying to plan the perfect party!

What Jewel Looks Like

Eye Color:Black

Hair Color: Pink

Bow Color: Magenta

What she wears: A pink dress with yellow bows and magenta sleeves. Her skirt has 3 layers

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Pink and White Polka Dots:

Other things on her dress: Ruffles at the collar

Jewel's Pet

Jewel has a pink Persian cat!

Jewel's Home

Roof: Gold sparkles with a bow on top

Wall Color: Pink with gold dots

Jewel's Other Merchandise

  • Jewel Full Size Doll
  • Jewel Mini
  • Jewel Soft Doll
  • Jewel Silly Hair
  • Jewel Pencil Topper
  • Jewel's Primpin' Party Mini
  • Jewel's Bubble Bath Mini
  • Jewel Silly Funhouse
  • Jewel Micro

Guess What!

  • In Jewel's poster, Kitty's cheeks are different!