Lady Stillwaiting

Lady Stillwaiting was the 20th Lalaloopsy to be released along with Sir Battlescarred.


Sewn From: A fair maiden's dress

Sewn On: Feburary 26th (Tell a Fairytale Day)

Likes: Tea Parties

Dislikes: Messy Rooms

Most likely to say: "A red rose for me?"

Personality of Lady

Lady Stillwaiting is simply lovely and sew polite. She also a hopeless romantic who adores reading and writing poetry. She can often be seen waving from her balcony-even if no one is there to wave back!

What Lady Looks Like

Hair Color: Purple

Hairbow Color: Red

What she wears: Lady wears a pink colored dress with long sleeves and yellow lace at the bottom.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Light pink with dark pink stripes.

Other things on her dress: Pink bows at the sleeves of her shirt.

Shoes: Slip on shoes that look like ballet slippers.

Lady's Pet

Lady has a pet unicorn which has a pink body and a heart on it's behind. It's horn, mane, and tail are dark pink and her tail has a yellow bow on it.

Lady's Home

Roof: 3 cones, one with gold buttons and a flag, one with peach and pink stripes, and one with just pink.

Wall Color: Peach and yellow with some vines growing on it.

Lady's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Lady
  • Lady Mini
  • "Lady Writes a Poem" Mini

Guess What!

  • In "Lady Writes a Poem", her dress is a recolor of Crumbs'.