Marina Anchors

Marnia Anchors was the fifiteenth Lalaloopsy doll to be released. Her little sister is Matey Anchors!


Sewn On:June 8th (World Ocean Day)

Sewn From:A sailor's uniform

Likes: Lighthouses

Dislikes:Untying knots

Most likely to say: "Anchors away!"

Personality Of Marina

Marnia Anchors lives in a lighthouse on the coast of Lalaloopsy Land, and she always keeps her home shipshape. In fact, she loves organizing so much that she sometimes goes a bit overboard. Even though Marnia loves the water, she doesn't know how to swim. That's why she's always wearing floaties or a lifesaver.

What Marina Looks Like

Hair Color:Light Blue

Hairbow Color:Red

What she wears: Marina wears a little white and red striped dress with a big red bow at the top and four gold buttons going downwards along her belly and chest.Her skirt and sleves are blue and she also wears white panties.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Red stripes

Other things on her dress:None

Shoes:Blue Tennis shoes

Marina's Pet

Marina's pert is a blue whale with a lighter blue belly,She wears a white sailors cap.

Marina's Home

Roof: Light brown with a llighthouse next to it and a fishing net draped around it.

Wall Color: Red and white stripes on a pier,she lives in a light house.

Marina's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Marina</li>
  • Marina Mini</li>
  • "Marina's Beach Day" Mini </li>
  • "Marina's Sea Adventure" Mini</li>
  • "Bubble Fun" Mini</li>
  • Marina Silly Hair</li>
  • Marina Soft Doll</li>
  • Marina Silly Funhouse Mini</li>
  • Marnia Mirco</li>

    Guess What!

  • She is the only lalaloopsy doll to have a little brother!</li>
  • Her whale has different hats in every mini, like Peanut Big Top's elephant.</li>