This the the page format of the pages! Sorry, It might look a little confusing. It's best if you have to Lalaloopsy Ultimate Collector's Guide for the infomation and personality.
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Character Pages (Full Size,Littles,Lalaloopsies,Minis, etc.)

Add a picture (Tip: You can copy pictures on the Lalaloopsy website and add it in your documents/pictures section of your computer and upload it here! You don't have to take pictures with your camera!) if there is any and then you can start putting the infomation. It has to look like this:

(Name of Lalaloopsy) was the (the doll number)th Lalaloopsy doll to be released.


Sewn On:

Sewn From:

Likes: (This info is from the Lalaloopsy Ultimate Collector's Guide handbook along with the two below. If you don't have it, leave it blank and then an admin will write it in for you.)

Dislikes: (Read Above)

Most likely to say: (Read Above)

Personality Of (The Lalaloopsy)

Just write the personality here. We usually use the personality from the Lalaloopsy Ultimate Collector's guide, but you can use the real personality too.

What (The Lalaloopsy) Looks Like

Describe the Lalaloopsy's appearance.

(The Lalaloopsy)'s Pet

Just write info about the pet.

(The Lalaloopsy)'s Home

Describe the Lalaloopsy's house.

(The Lalaloopsy)'s Other Merchandise

Write the Lalaloopsy's other merchandise here. For the minis, write the name of the set between quotation marks. EX: "Peanut's Elephant Act" Mini

Guess What!



If there's another picture of the character, add it here! Click on the Gallery feature to add the gallery in!

Other Formats (Seahorses, Playsets,etc.)

Lalaloopsy Seahorse Format

(Name of Seahorse)

(Name) is one of the lala-oopsies sea horses.She was released along with (do all the seahorses that came out at the same time of her)

What (name) looks like



Crown(or horn) color: Hair color:  Wing color: Heart color: Brush color:


Write about the pet here!

Possible counterpart

(name)'s possible counterpart is (mermaid counterpart name).

Lalaloopsy Playsets Format

(Name of the playset)

Type:(Lalaloopsy or lala-oopsie playset)

Main Colors:(Write the main colors here)

Other Colors:(Put any other noticable colours you can see from the pics and so on)

Main Features:(Put its main features here eg.slide swing etc..)

Designed to be:(eg. a house a funhouse etc...)

Feature 1:(name of feature)instructions

Write what to do with the feature here!

Feature 2:(name of feature) instructions

Write what to do with the feature here!

Doll and accesories included

Doll/dolls:(write their name(s) down here and if you can,link it!)

Accsories:(Write a list of all the accesories here! eg lemonade cups etc...)

Extras:(Write any big extras included in the set here! eg:picnic table etc....)