Peanut's circus
Peanut Big Top full poster
Peanut's circus is where Peanut, Squirt, Elephant, Peanut Worm reside. 

The Circus

Peanut's house is red and white and loud like her! She has a star pathway and a big flag on her roof as well as a popcorn box she has stars almost everywhere. Does she like stars like Dot? She also has a area where she and Elephant practice thier perfomers. And some Peanuts witch I am supered that Elephant didn't eat. 

Media Apperecs

  • March Of The April Fools
  • Trunk Show
  • A Little Change Of Place
  • Spot-its
  • Mablenut Muffin Mission
  • Criss Cross Crisis
  • The Big Sheep Sleep
  • Princess Parade
  • Princess Spaghetti Day
  • Blossom's Rare Plant
  • Rosy's Day Off 
  • Don't Fence Me In