Sahara Mirage was the 14th Lalaloopsy doll to be released! Her little sister is Pita Mirage!

Sahara Mirage


Sewn On: Janurary 13th (Make Your Dreams Come True Day)

Sewn From: A genie's veil

Likes: Making wishes come true

Dislikes: The dark

Most likely to say: "Dreamy!"

Personality Of Sahara

Just like her name says, you never know where Sahara Mirage will pop up next. Sahara is afraid of the dark, but she's got a sparkling personality that can charm just about anyone.

What Sahara Looks Like

Hair Color: Purple

Crown Color: Gold with pink gems

What she wears: Sahara wears a shiny lilac dress with dark pink, shiny, puff sleves with gold trimming. She has big puffed purple pants with a faint pink over skirt.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: 

Other things on her dress: Gold trimming over most of her dress. 

Shoes:Orange genie shoes

Sahara's Pet

Sahara's pet is a cute, orange camel! On it's hump it has a pink blanket over it. It's eyes are closed and have long eyelashes.

Sahara's Home

Roof: Persian palace with a purple dome roof.

Wall Color: Sparkly lalic

Sahara's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Sahara</li>
  • Sahara Mini</li>
  • "Sahara's Desert Dream" Mini</li>
  • Silly Funhouse Sahara Mini</li>
  • Sahara Pencil Topper</li>
  • Sahara Soft Doll </li>

    Gue​ss What!

  • On her poster, Sahara has a design under her eye, but on the doll she doesn't!</li>
  • Sahara looks like Swirly Figure Eight!</li>