Squirt Lil' Top

 Squirt Lil' Top was made from a pieces of a clown's costume on January 19th (National Popcorn Day). She's a performer and a bit of a showoff. Her best tricks are summersaults and juggling...but just one thing at a time. She has a pet peanut.

Sewn on Date: January 19th (National Popcorn Day)


Sewn On:Janurary 19th (National Popcorn Day)

Sewn From: Pieces of a Clown's costume



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Personality of Squirt

Squirt Lil' top is a right Daredevil! She's a performer, and a bit of a showoff.Her most confident,favourite and best tricks are sommersaults and juggling,although 1 thing at a time is enough............................................

What Squirt Looks Like

Hair Color:Purple

Hairband Color:None

What she wears: Squirt wears a daytime onesy with orange frills at the top the left side is white with Pink spots whilst the right side is orange.She has two Pink pom poms on the middle of the onesy!She also wears a Orange hat....With a little flower too!

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: 

Other things on her dress:None

Shoes:Black and white stripey socks with Pink toes and heels

Squirt's Pet

Squirt's pet is a little Peanut with a little black nose and light Pink cheeks!She also has a little piece of Pink string around her middle.

Squirt's Home

Squirt lives with her big sister Peanut Big Top!


Wall Color: 

Squirt's Other Merchandise

Peanut and Squirt large sister pack

Squirt and Peanut mini sisters pack 

Guess What!

Squirt's shoes are actually plastic socks!